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Disability awareness and confidence training

Empowering your team will improve customer satisfaction and retention, grow staff morale, minimise management intervention, and thereby improve business performance. Training can be provided to suit your requirements:

  • Onsite Sessions: Group sessions are a great way to team-build and develop the skills and understanding to provide first-class customer service and a progressive working environment. These 1 day sessions can cater for up to 16 attendees, conducted on your site (or off site at a location of your choosing).
  • Online Sessions: Business pressures mean that it is not always easy to gather your team, but you still want to make the investment. Bite-size online sessions, normally up to 20 minutes each, can fit in around the availability of your team, and can be accessed 24 hours a day.

Commercial development

  • If you are new to the AT industry, or have an innovative product that you want to introduce to the market, then we can advise on distribution, resellers, sales and marketing strategies, support systems, and customer identification.
  • All markets are constantly in flux, and the AT Industry is no different, especially with proposed Government changes to DSA and AtW. We have extensive knowledge and understanding of all facets of the AT market, and can work with to develop positioning and penetration strategies to expand your customer base.

Reasonable adjustment advice and signposting

Our network of Associates can provide information, advice and guidance on a wide range of subjects and situations. From Access Audits to Reasonable Adjustments utilising assistive technology, we can facilitate inclusive environments for your organisation.

We also provide signposting services to guide you to providers of expert services, such as Ergonomic Assessments and recommendations, and ensuring your compliance with workstation legislation.

Services provided on an interim, project, part-time, ad-hoc, or scheduled basis.

Assistive Technology Training

Through our network of associates we can provide AT training solutions, tailored to you and your requirements, at the location of your choice or via online resources.

  • Onsite – Sometimes there is no substitute for having an expert there to guide you through the learning process, especially in the early stages when it can all seem very daunting.
  • Remote – the ideal combination of one-to-one training via the internet, plus access to training resources at your convenience, 24/7.
  • Combination – both Onsite and Remote Training can be combined to deliver the perfect solution for you and your staff.

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